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An imprint of Publishers UK Ltd, established 2005


Publishers UK Ltd is a small, independent press in Oxfordshire, England and was founded in 2005.  Kings Hart Books is our imprint and under that we have both fiction and non-fiction titles.We feel strongly that each book we publish is of a high standard, tells a good story and is enjoyed by each and every reader.  As one of our authors said,  “books are friends and good books are friends that need regular contact, that we want to spend time with again and again.”

As a small press or independent publisher we want to ensure that new authors and their books are available.  In many countries, and this includes the UK, authors and small publishers struggle through.  By buying our books you are supporting the creativity of each of our authors as they bring characters to life and take you on a journey from start to finish. Unlike many publishers and imprints, we are not concerned with focusing on one given genre, or group of genre; we are more concerned with the quality of the writing and storytelling. We promised ourselves from the start that we would not be constrained by lists or market trends and we hope that readers will love our choices.  Our books range from thrillers such as The Price and Apartment C, historic fiction such as St Anthony’s Fire, romance such as Meeting Coty, cult fiction such as Nyabinghi to children’s stories such as The Reso and The Jewel Keepers.  Our authors include Ambrose Conway, Tony Macnabb, Stephen Twigg, Ruth Estevez, Ruth Learner, Shamarley Fontaine, Rod Sproson and E J Bousfield.

When you hold a book in your hand it means that someone has spent hours, weeks, possibly even years, making notes, observing the world about them or inside their mind, planning, writing and re-writing.  They then send their manuscript out into the ether in the hope that a publisher somewhere will read it and think “Wow!”  When you hold one of our books you hold someone’s life; a piece of creativity that had to be written down and found its way to the eyes of someone who believed that it had to be put into print.

So please, go out there and buy our books.  To see our range of books click here.

Our latest book is Diana: Her Transformation by Stephen Twigg.  Stephen Twigg is our newest author and we feel confident that his book will touch the heart of the millions of people who loved and respected Princess Diana.  From December 1988 until her death on 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, was engaged on a quest for self-improvement.  Diana: Her Transformation is the story of her powerful journey in the words of her mind-body therapist Stephen Twigg.  Stephen was labelled a ‘Svengali’ by the press because of the influence he was believed to hold over Diana.  His work with her has been the subject of frequent comment and speculation but has never been revealed publicly until now.  The book discloses for the first time how Stephen facilitated a revolution in Diana’s understanding of herself, an understanding which transformed her life and had dramatic effects on the royal family and the nation.